Learning to code can be super easy and fun with Scratch!

Young children gain essential skills in logic, problem-solving, and the fundamentals of computer science.nThey learn by doing and building something they can be proud of.
Your kid can be the next coding champ Scratch is one of the best block based coding platforms fornyour kids to kick start their coding journey!

Learn to code with all your imagination

A lot of options to experiment Kids can decide what they want their gamencharacters to do with instructions, customisable looks, adding sounds and lot more
Block playground Logical and sequential thinking can be developed with thisnplayground where kids can experiment without boundaries. Trust me everything is right when itncomes to creativity
Interactive output Children can experimentnalong with colourful and live outputs so they canndecide what their game has to look like. Thisnnaturally supports children to develop usernspecific coding.

What will you learn in this amazing course?

Fromnfundamental coding , logical approach and within a monthnwe’ll be building games